This course will teach you how to edit content on tables. Tables must be edited separately from the page / blog that it resides in. Pages / Blogs only house the table reference code that links to Table Builder plugin.

IUSTI uses WP Table Builder as it’s table editor. Listed below are some of the pages that have tables in them:



Table builder limitations:
  • There is a bug in this plugin: While in edit mode of a table content, on occasion the Save Table button is greyed out, despite having just made changes to the table. The work around is to duplicate a text box in the table (see notes on how to duplicate text box) then delete it again. The Save Table button then becomes available for you to save the table.
  • When cells are merged across a row to form one cell. In mobile mode the content of that cell will be duplicated to compensate for the cell missing. To prevent this  avoid merging empty cells unless its absolutely necessary.




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