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Amedeo is a web-based, weekly guide to the medical literature. Free of charge to the user, the service is supported by various unrestricted educational grants from industry. The publisher is a former HIV doctor, Bernd Sebastian Kamps and Amedeo has over 100,000 subscribers.
On the index page you select a topic. For members of IUSTI, the topics AIDS / HIV or Sexually transmitted Diseases are obvious choices, but there are plenty of others. Within these topics you define your favourite journals and complete a simple form. As you would expect, there is some overlap in the journals under each topic, so make sure you avoid this when you choose them. You then receive a weekly email giving a link to your own personal Amedeo web page where you find hyperlinked abstracts of articles in your chosen journals. See example of weekly abstracts for the topic of hypertension (choose abstract format). Strongly recommended. This group also produce the free HIV medicine textbook (see below).


American Sexually Transmitted Diseases Association


British Association for Sexual Health and HIV


British HIV Association

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA:


www.chlamydiae.com, run by the IUSTI webmaster, is a web encyclopaedia of the chlamydiales. Consists of two sections: health information on chlamydial genital infections meeting HON Foundation standards for lay persons and a comprehensive professional section with over 10,000 hyperlinks to the literature. The site is presently undergoing extensive updating.

Cochrane Library

Provides access to Cochrane Collaboration meta-analyses of published clinical trials and reviews of evidence based medicine. Use search engine top right.


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HIV Medicine

HIV Medicine is a medical textbook (ISBN 3-924774-59-5) of 818 pages edited by Christian Hoffmann, Jurgen Rockstroh and Bernd Sebastian Kamps (of Amedeo: see above). It aims to be a source for comprehensive and in-depth HIV/AIDS information. It is regularly updated and there are many contributors, mainly from Germany. Download (English version) of the preliminary 15th edition (pdf, 3.7 MB) is free. The rationale of this policy is described at www.freemedicalinformation.com. Versions are also available in Spanish, Farsi, Portuguese, German and Russian. Recommended.


Nature Supplements

AIDS – Current research (free access)
Improved diagnostic technologies for the developing world (free access)


World Health Organisation

Guidelines for the management of sexually transmitted infections (index)
HIV / AIDS Programme (index)
Sexually transmitted diseases diagnostics initiative
Use of rapid syphilis tests (May 2007; 28 page pdf)
WHO – Europe Region STIs /HIV/AIDS (index)
Activities with WHO 2019-2020 (PDF)

Zika virus

Sexual Transmission

  • CDC (Basics of Zika Virus and Sex)
  • ECDC (ECDC has updated its rapid risk assessment on the Zika virus disease epidemic, August 2016)
  • ECDC (Zika virus disease epidemic, 8th update, August 2016 -pdf)