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Scientific Topic Reports


Basic science, clinical science and epidemiology are the drivers of excellence in clinical care, management guidelines and knowledge of the infections and conditions we encounter. IUSTI-Europe has set up a Scientific Council of European experts and researchers in the topics we confront in practice. The concept is to inform us of the most up-to-date research and practice in each topic, the direction research is taking us, and to provide a resource for teaching, and planning meetings, both national and international.

I am personally delighted and honoured with the traction of this concept and the input and great care all the contributors have taken in producing their reports. It bodes well for the potential of our specialty in Europe.

I would welcome suggestions of further topics and contributors. I hope these Topic Reports provide a useful resource for us all.


Derek Freedman, MD, FRCPI.

Chair, Scientific Policy, IUSTI-Europe
88 Ranelagh Village, Dublin D06 Y2W6 Ireland

Scientific Topic Reports 

Scientific Topic ReportsRapporteursDateDocument DOC - PDF
Chronic pelvic pain syndrome Chronic Prostatitis Chronic NGUDr. Paddy Horner2016DOC | PDF
ChlamydiaProf. Angelika Stary, Prof. Jonathan Ross, Prof. Harald Moi2016DOC | PDF
GonorrhoeaProf. Magnus Unemo, Dr. Helen Fifer, Dr. Michelle Cole2016DOC | PDF
GuidelinesDr. Andrew Winter, Dr. Willem van der Meijden2016DOC | PDF
HerpesDr. Raj Patel, Prof Marco Cusini2016DOC | PDF
HIV Outpatient managementDeniz Gokengin, Fiona Mulcahy2016DOC | PDF
HPVProf. Mihael Skerlev, Dr. Arne Wikstrom2016DOC | PDF
Lymphogranuloma VenereumHenry de Vries, Bertille de Barbeirac2016DOC | PDF
Mycoplasma genitaliumProf. Jørgen Skov Jensen, Dr. Michelle Hanlon, Prof. Harald Moi2016DOC | PDF
SyphilisPr. M.Janier, Pr.N Dupin, Pr. M. Gomberg, Pr. M Skerlev, M Potocnik2016DOC | PDF
UrethritisProf. Harald Moi, Dr. Paddy Horner, Prof. Lars Falk2016DOC | PDF