Educational Objective

CD-ROMDue to their nature, lectures and textbooks offer only a limited amount of information. As a modern alternative, CD-ROM has the advantage of an immense capacity, which allows storage of more text and visual material than using classical means of presentation.

Both sexually transmitted infections (sexually transmitted diseases and HIV infection) and skin diseases are classical medical fields where visual impression and visual examination play a key role leading to specific diagnosis. Visualisation of disease entities by nurses, students and residents is an important component of teaching in both fields.

In 1993, the idea of bringing sexually transmitted diseases and skin diseases of the genitoanal area together into one publication was conceived. There is hardly any other area of the human body which is subject to as many medical disciplines as the genitoanal area. Gynaecologists, urologists, infectious diseases and genitourinary medicine specialists as well as sexual health physicians first examine the genitourinary tract of their patients and may find important signs of skin diseases. On the other hand, dermato-venereologists after examining the skin and the adjacent mucosal surfaces may encounter signs of sexually transmitted infections. In each case, both the STI patient and the dermatology patient will profit from the expanded knowledge of their doctors.

Therefore it was necessary to bring together an editorial board representing the medical fields with special interest in the genitoanal area: dermatovenereology, genitourinary medicine, gynaecology, sexual health and infectious diseases.

This new compact disk on sexually transmitted infections and genitoanal dermatoses offers over 300 texts and 1000 images for students, residents, general practitioners and specialists. Information may be retrieved either from a disease index or a clinical syndrome index. Each disease or syndrome is presented in a number of subsections:

  • definition
  • classification
  • incubation period
  • clinical manifestation
  • symptoms
  • localisation
  • epidemiology
  • laboratory
  • histopathology
  • pathogenesis
  • diagnosis
  • differential diagnosis
  • course
  • treatment
  • follow-up
  • complications
  • prognosis
  • management
  • literature

All subsections are illustrated by a large number of clinical images, tables, figures and illustrations.

Full text retrieval, hyperlinks and composite images for direct differential diagnostic comparison make this CD-ROM a useful tool for teaching and learning.

We are indebted to a great number of contributors who have contributed text and/or images for this CD-ROM. Without their contribution this publication would never have been created.

Sample Chapter

Click here for a sample chapter on Herpes.

System Requirements

Windows CD-ROM: 486 (or higher) IBM PC or compatible, 8MB memory, 256 colours SVGA monitor – 1024x768 resolution recommended, 4 MB hard disk space, CD-ROM drive, Microsoft Windows 95/Windows 3.1


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