Recent activites of IUSTI- Europe

  1. IUSTI-Europe Conferences

  2. Helsinki, Finland 2017: The 31st annual conference was held in Helsinki, Finland in September 2017 in conjunction with the Finnish STI society. The focus of the conference “STIs – connecting people” . The local organiser was Eija Hiltunen-Back and the chair of the scientific committee was Stephan Lautenschlager. There was a excellent programme with particiapnts from around the world.

    Upcoming conferences:

    • IUSTI World and Europe conference in Dublin, Ireland - 27th -30th June 2018
    • Tallinn, Estonia 5th – 7th September 2019
    • Bochum, Germany 2020
    • IUSTI World and Europe and ISSTDR, Netherlands, 2021

  3. Communication

  4. A social media policy for conferences has been developed and was in place in Helsinki. There is now an active Twitter presence at conferences to disseminate presentations. A linkedin group has been established to share STI information.

  5. IUSTI-Europe Summer Schools

  6. IUSTI Advanced Course on Sexually Transmitted Infections 2017: Test and Treat The second IUSTI advanced course in took place in Helsinki over 2 days, immediately before the conference. This was chaired by Angelika Stary and Marco Cusini. This was very successful with 53 students from 24 countries. IUSTI-Europe provided eight scholarships for young European scientists to attend and some National societies also provided funding. It is planned to run a introductory course in 2018 in Bertinoro, Italy and further advanced course in Tallinn in 2019.


  7. STI Guidelines

  8. The guideline methodology was undated early in 2017. 5 guidelines had been updated in the last year, and published on the IUSTI website and in journals, a further 6 are currently being reviewed. A pocket summary of the IUSTI-Europe Guidelines is in development. A joint IUSTI Europe-EDF-EADV meeting was held with an agreement for a common strategy for STI guideline production.

  9. Cooperation with other international organizations

  10. ECDC: The relationship between IUSTI and the ECDC continues to develop. Liaison officers have been appointed by both parties to enable closer cooperation. Currently there is joint work on a project to look at the completeness,and improve European STI data reporting.

    EDF: there are strengthening ties with the European Dermatology Forum (EDF), with IUSTI-Europe activities on the official agenda of the Annual Dermatology Forum Meeting

    EADV: on the IUSTI Europe activities on the Annual Dermatology Forum. Two EADV Task Forces in the field(s) of STIs have been officially (re)approved


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