Full members receive a substantial discount of 40% on a subscription to Sexual Health. Members should contact Customer Service or telephone: +[61 3] 9545 8555 to order their subscription, and quote their membership number upon ordering.

From the 1st of January 2013 European IUSTI membership will change to a one year membership from the 1st of January to the 31st of December in the year of joining, regardless of when in that year one joined.

There will be no change to the membership to other regions.

Membership Information
This page allows registered members to retrieve membership information and request for their certificate.

NB. For membership application / renewal please use the online application form. Two types of individual membership are available: full membership and associate membership. Additionally there are opportunities for organisational membership and commercial sponsorship.

Full Membership

Full Membership of the Union is open to individuals with a professional interest in the study, prevention or control of sexually transmitted infections. A medical qualification is not a requirement for full membership. The cost of Full membership of IUSTI is different for different regional branches. For the Europeon Branch, the cost is GBP £40.00 for the calendar year in which you join. For all other regions the cost is GBP £35.00 for two years from the date that you join. You will receive an pdf of your membership certificate when you join and an email reminder about one month before your membership is to expire. Please note, to renew your membership you need to join again as a new member.

Full members are entitled to all privileges of membership including voting rights and a reduction in registration fees at most IUSTI regional and world meetings. The membership fee has been set so that it will be attractive to anyone who participates regularly in IUSTI events. It is anticipated that any member who attends at least one IUSTI meeting every two years would recoup their membership dues via the discounted registration cost.

Full members receive a substantial discount of 40% on a subscription to the Union’s official journal, the International Journal of STD and AIDS. For further information on this discount, please click here

Associate membership

Associate membership of the Union is open to individuals who support its objectives and who have a professional interest in sexually transmitted infections but who do not expect to regularly attend IUSTI meetings. Associate membership is presently free of charge. Associate members may participate in meetings of the Union but they do not receive a discount on IUSTI conference registration fees and have no voting rights. Associate members will not receive a certificate.

Only full members will have access to the membership-restricted services planned for this website.

IUSTI conferences and regional groups are at the forefront of ideas on the science, management and control of sexually transmitted infections. The meetings are lively, educational and often great fun. They provide an excellent opportunity to get to know other professionals in the field. Take advantage of this opportunity to become a full member of IUSTI at very moderate cost.

Organisational membership

Organisational membership of IUSTI is available to organisations such as national societies for the study of sexually transmitted diseases. The membership fee for organisations is Euro 200 every two years. Potential organisations should, in the first instance, contact the membership secretary.


Commercial sponsorship of IUSTI meetings and the IUSTI website provides regional and global exposure to leaders in the field for companies with an interest in the diagnosis, treatment or management of sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS. Companies with an interest in sponsoring IUSTI are invited, in the first instance, to contact the .

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