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Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using this site or applying for membership of the International Union against Sexually Transmitted Infections (“IUSTI”). Using this web site including the on line membership facility indicates that you accept these terms (“terms”).

Who are we? This is the web site of the International Union against Sexually Transmitted Infections,  a charity registered in the United Kingdom, charity number 1113234. For contact details please see contacts.

Changes We may change these terms at any time, in which case the amended terms will be posted on this web site (“site”) and will apply from the date we post them. Applications for membership will be subject to the Terms and Conditions of this site applying at the time of application.  When you renew or modify your membership please check the Terms and Conditions.  The format and content of the site is changed frequently. You should refresh your browser to ensure that you access the most up to date version.

Accessing the site We reserve the right at our sole discretion to deny any user access to the site or any part of it without prior notice.

Iusti.org copyright statement The content (content being images, text, sound and video files, programs and scripts) of this website is copyright © IUSTI or third parties. The names, images and logos identifying and owned by IUSTI or third parties and their products and services are subject to copyright, design rights and trade marks of IUSTI and/or third parties.  All rights are expressly reserved.

The content of this website can be accessed, printed and downloaded in an unaltered form (altered including being stretched, compressed, coloured or altered in any way so as to distort content from its original proportions or format) with copyright acknowledged, on a temporary basis for personal study that is not for a direct or indirect commercial use. Any content printed or downloaded may not be sold, licensed, transferred, copied or reproduced in whole or in part in any manner or in or on any media to any person without the prior written consent of IUSTI, including but not limited to:

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Requests for permission to reproduce material from this website should be addressed by email to the and copied at the same time to the .

IUSTI makes reasonable effort to acknowledge copyright owners but it is not always easy. IUSTI wishes to be informed if any copyright owners are not properly identified and acknowledged so that we may make any necessary corrections.

Other individuals and organisations wishing to make IUSTI content accessible through their websites are encouraged to create hypertext links to the required content on this website.

Contributions to the iusti.org web site Where you submit any contribution to the IUSTI site you agree, by submitting your contribution, that you grant IUSTI a perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive, sub-licensable right and license to publish the contribution on the iusti.org site.

Disclaimer IUSTI has prepared the contents of this web site responsibly and carefully but disclaims all warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the information contained in any of the materials on this website or on other linked websites or on any subsequent links. This includes but is not by way of limitation:

1. any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose 

2. any liability for damage to your computer hardware, data, information, materials and business resulting from the information or the lack of information available 

3. any errors, omissions or inaccuracies in the information  

4. any decision made or action taken or not taken in reliance upon the information

IUSTI further makes no warranty as to the content, accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the information or that the information may be relied upon for any reason and bears no responsibility for the accuracy, content or legality of any linked site or for that of any subsequent links. IUSTI makes no warranty that the website service will be uninterrupted or error-free or that any defects can be corrected.

IUSTI shall not be liable for any losses or damages (including without limitation consequential loss or damage) whatsoever from the use of, or reliance on, the website and information therein. IUSTI takes reasonable care to ensure that its website is free of malware but it is the ultimate responsibility of users to ensure that their computers are protected from any malicious programme code. Any links to other websites do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by IUSTI of any products, services, policies or opinions of the organisation or individual.

This site is provided primarily for the benefit of the various members of IUSTI. This is not intended to be a health information site for the general public. Nothing in this site is intended to supersede the normal physician – patient relationship or the statutes of IUSTI.

Membership  For details of membership of IUSTI and methods of applying for membership, please see membership. IUSTI reserves the right to refuse an application for membership.

Online Membership  This service is expected to be introduced early in 2008 and refers to an application for membership or its variation made through the iusti.org site. By applying for membership of IUSTI, (or for renewal or variation of existing IUSTI membership), you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and by the statutes of IUSTI.

Where a payment is required for online membership you may use a debit or credit card. Payments by credit or debit card for IUSTI membership are processed by Netbanx Ltd. When the payment is processed by Netbanx Ltd, the details of the credit or debit card are collected over a secure link. IUSTI does not collect any payment card details and they are not made available to us. Netbanx Ltd will use the personal information you provide to process your online payment. When you make a payment online, Netbanx will use industry standard software, which encrypts your information.

IUSTI is a non profit making organisation and the payment that you make for IUSTI membership is therefore used to further the charitable work and objectives of IUSTI.

Ordinary membership of IUSTI presently costs £15 per year. Successful payment and acknowledgement of your membership application will be confirmed automatically by email. Approval of full membership application will be received by email within 14 days of application or renewal.  Queries about membership should be emailed to . Any problems with respect to membership financial transactions should be emailed to the and copied to the .

Cancellation and refund of membership fee Within two weeks of submission you may cancel your membership application by contacting the membership secretary, when your membership fee will be refunded. Otherwise,  the membership fee is only refundable when IUSTI exercises its right to refuse a membership application, in which case the membership fee will be returned. In the case of online membership applications, refunds will be made by IUSTI and processed via Netbanx.

Privacy Please read our Privacy Policy

Applicable Law These terms, use of our sites and the supply of products and services by us are governed by and are to be interpreted in accordance with English law. In the event of any dispute arising in relation to these terms, use of our sites or in relation to the supply of any products or services by us the English courts will have jurisdiction over the dispute. These terms and this site are provided in the English language only.

If you have any questions relating to these terms, please e-mail the

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