Recent activites of IUSTI- Europe

  1. IUSTI-Europe Conferences

  2. Helsinki, Finland 2017: The 31st annual conference was held in Helsinki, Finland in September 2017 in conjunction with the Finnish STI society. The focus of the conference “STIs – connecting people” . The local organiser was Eija Hiltunen-Back and the chair of the scientific committee was Stephan Lautenschlager. There was a excellent programme with particiapnts from around the world.

    Upcoming conferences:

    • IUSTI World and Europe conference in Dublin, Ireland - 27th -30th June 2018
    • Tallinn, Estonia 5th – 7th September 2019
    • Bochum, Germany 2020
    • IUSTI World and Europe and ISSTDR, Netherlands, 2021

  3. Communication

  4. A social media policy for conferences has been developed and was in place in Helsinki. There is now an active Twitter presence at conferences to disseminate presentations. A linkedin group has been established to share STI information.

  5. IUSTI-Europe Summer Schools

  6. IUSTI Advanced Course on Sexually Transmitted Infections 2017: Test and Treat The second IUSTI advanced course in took place in Helsinki over 2 days, immediately before the conference. This was chaired by Angelika Stary and Marco Cusini. This was very successful with 53 students from 24 countries. IUSTI-Europe provided eight scholarships for young European scientists to attend and some National societies also provided funding. It is planned to run a introductory course in 2018 in Bertinoro, Italy and further advanced course in Tallinn in 2019.


  7. STI Guidelines

  8. The guideline methodology was undated early in 2017. 5 guidelines had been updated in the last year, and published on the IUSTI website and in journals, a further 6 are currently being reviewed. A pocket summary of the IUSTI-Europe Guidelines is in development. A joint IUSTI Europe-EDF-EADV meeting was held with an agreement for a common strategy for STI guideline production.

  9. Cooperation with other international organizations

  10. ECDC: The relationship between IUSTI and the ECDC continues to develop. Liaison officers have been appointed by both parties to enable closer cooperation. Currently there is joint work on a project to look at the completeness,and improve European STI data reporting.

    EDF: there are strengthening ties with the European Dermatology Forum (EDF), with IUSTI-Europe activities on the official agenda of the Annual Dermatology Forum Meeting

    EADV: on the IUSTI Europe activities on the Annual Dermatology Forum. Two EADV Task Forces in the field(s) of STIs have been officially (re)approved


Previous Reports

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European Guidelines and Patient information Leaflets

An introduction to the IUSTI Europe STI guidelines is available on this site. These peer-reviewed, regularly-revised STI guidelines and patient information leaflets may be accessed directly here. Information on guidelines in progress is given in the regional directors report, below.

European Clinical Collaborative Group (ECCG)

The ECCG was formally inaugurated at the European IUSTI Executive Committee meeting at the 26th IUSTI Congress Riga, Latvia 2011. This network of STI specialists has come together to principally conduct questionnaire based research across the European Region. The group is modelled on established successful clinical networks within a few European countries which have conducted similar work.... ECCG Link here


IUSTI-Europe Honours

The list of persons who have received IUSTI-Europe honours.


Past IUSTI-Europe Conferences

List of past IUSTI-Europe conferences.



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