Director's Report from the IUSTI European Regional
(August, 2015)


Council meeting of IUSTI - Europe 2014

The last Council meeting of IUSTI Europe took place on September 17 and 18 in Malta.
The main topics of the council meeting were:

  • confirmation of the new structure of the Council of IUSTI  Europe
  • election of the Vice Chairs of the International Development and Scientific Policy Committees
  • discussion of the development strategies of IUSTI- Europe
  • decision to establish a STI Master Class in Europe

IUSTI Europe annual conferences in 2014, 2015 and 2016

The Congress of IUSTI-Europe in Malta was held 17-20 September, 2014. The President of the Congress was Dr Joe Pace, the Chair of the Scientific Board, Dr Jackie Sherrard.

The Congress of IUSTI-Europe will be held in Barcelona, 24-26 September, 2015. The President of the Congress will be Dr Marti Vall Mayans, the Chair of the Scientific Board, Dr Keith Radcliffe.

The Congress of IUSTI-Europe will be held in Budapest, 15-17 September, 2016. The President of the Congress will be Dr Viktoria Varkonyi and the Chair of the Scientific Board, Dr. Marco Cusini

Changes to the structure of the Council of IUSTI Europe

In the revised Rules and Regulations of IUSTI Europe there are now four new positions of IUSTI officers:

  1. The Editor-in-Chief of  the European STI Guidelines
  2. The Secretary General
  3. The Chair of the Committee of the International Development
  4. The Chair of the Committee of the Scientific Policy

Keith Radcliffe has been an excellent Editor-in-Chief of the European STI Guidelines and we are delighted that the national representatives understood the importance of this work and agreed that the Editor of European STI Guidelines should be a full member of the group of IUSTI officers.
The post of Secretary General combines two posts: Secretary and Membership Secretary. With her efficiency and dedication, Jackie Sherrard has proved that she will be perfectly capable of handling the additional tasks involved in the new, combined, post.

The Chair of Committee of International Development

It is very important for IUSTI that this officer represents the interests of IUSTI-Europe in European scientific organisations related to our specialty, such as EADV and EAAD. The officer should be member of these organisations, preferably a member of their boards, and should have participated and would continue to participate actively in EAAD and all EADV conferences. The post also presupposes keeping close ties with the branches of IUSTI-Europe and providing advice and assistance to new countries that wish to establish their own IUSTI-Europe branches.

Prof. Mikhail Skerlev was elected to the position of the Chair of International Development

The Chair of the Committee of Scientific Policy

The primary duty of this officer is to participate consistently in the work of the Scientific Committees of the Conferences of IUSTI-Europe – i.e., to serve as a continuity between the Scientific Committees of different IUST-Europe conferences. Also, this officer should create a database of the presenters and presentations at IUSTI conferences. The aim is to ensure an innovative approach regarding the choice and treatment of topics, particularly with a view to preventing repetitiveness at consecutive conferences.

Dr. Derek Freedman was elected to the position of the Chair of Scientific Policy

The Chairs of the STI Master Class in Europe

It was decided to establish an STI Master Class in Europe with Prof. Angelika Stary and Dr. Marco Cusini as co-chairs.
The first STI Master Class in Europe took place from June 29 to July 1 2015 in Vienna. The second STI Master Class will take place from 7 to 10 June 2016 in Italy.

All the changes in Rules and Regulations were discussed and voted on at our Council meeting  and confirmed at the General Assembly during the  IUSTI Europe Conference in Malta.

Chair of the Communications’ commmitte

David Barlow, was elected to this role and, with the committee, a number of work streams are in progress. A LinkedIn group has been established. A Twitter account has been set up, with little activity to date, but it is planned to use it actively during the conference at Sitges. The BASHH social media behaviour policy will be followed. A Hungarian Facebook account is being set up, but a Europe Facebook page has been put on hold as there are concerns about inappropriate usage.

European STI Guidelines Project report 2015

Led by IUSTI Europe the European STI Guidelines Project continues to update evidence-based guidelines on sexually transmitted infections for use by specialist clinicians across Europe.  It also produces information for patients in the English language based upon these guidelines. Recent changes to the membership of the Editorial Board: Andy Winter (UK) and Deniz Gokengin (Turkey ) have  joined the Editorial Board.  An existing member of the Board, Michel Janier (France) has become the official liaison between the Editorial Board and the UEMS. 
The following  guidelines have been  completed in the last 12 months and posted on the IUSTI Europe guidelines web page ( and also published in peer-review journals as follows:

Other publications:

  • Translation of the syphilis guideline into Polish by the Polish society.
  • Publication in Eurosurveillance about the European syphilis guideline

Work is currently underway on revising the following guidelines: epididymo-orchitis, NGU, genital herpes, chlamydia and on producing two new guidelines: genital mycoplasmas, vulval diseases. 

The annual meeting of the full Editorial Board will take place during the IUSTI Europe 2015 conference in Sitges, Spain on 24 September 2015.

The 4th International Symposium Sexually Transmitted Infections – new horizons took place in September,26 -28 2014 in Brijuni Island. The President of the Symposium was prof. Mihael Skerlev.

IUSTI Europe and UEMS

The representatives of IUSTI Europe in UEMS:  Michel Janier– the Chair of UEMS Subcommittee for STIs in Europe and Marco Potochnik, Mihael Skerlev, Airi Põder – the IUSTI members of the UEMS Subcommittee for STIs in Europe. A UEMS meeting took place April  2015 in Cyprus and all the representatives from IUSTI Europe participated.


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European Guidelines and Patient information Leaflets

An introduction to the IUSTI Europe STI guidelines is available on this site. These peer-reviewed, regularly-revised STI guidelines and patient information leaflets may be accessed directly here. Information on guidelines in progress is given in the regional directors report, below.

European Clinical Collaborative Group (ECCG)

The ECCG was formally inaugurated at the European IUSTI Executive Committee meeting at the 26th IUSTI Congress Riga, Latvia 2011. This network of STI specialists has come together to principally conduct questionnaire based research across the European Region. The group is modelled on established successful clinical networks within a few European countries which have conducted similar work.... ECCG Link here


IUSTI-Europe Honours

The list of persons who have received IUSTI-Europe honours.


Past IUSTI-Europe Conferences

List of past IUSTI-Europe conferences.



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